Budget Roofing Supply Employee

Olana Gomez

Contractor Support Specialist

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

About Me

Competitive Advantage Statement
Contractors today are unable to purchase material at an affordable pricing and schedule deliveries when needed.. Working for Budget Roofing Supply I feel we are able to offer this compared to National Chains. We have the benefit of being a local shop therefore we are able to offer a better pricing to contractors and homeowners. We also have more flexibility to work with the contractor therefore were able to schedule deliveries as soon as the next day possible compared to National Chains were you have schedule weeks in advance. As a smaller company we have that advantage and are able to cater to that.

Top three favorite books:
Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

What is something I would like to fix:
I would like the lack of accessibility between small businesses and manufacturers be fixed while reducing the need of brokers.

What do I do at BRS:

I help customers pick the right color for their home, I help contractors in placing orders for their projects and making sure it’s a the best price.

I work on purchasing products for the company and keeping in contact with our distribution center.

Credentials/Past Exp:

I have always had customer service experience. I worked for a Health Company in their public relations department back in Washington.

I learned strategies and how to communicate better with customers. I was able to apply that knowledge in my current role.

What I like about working at BRS:

I enjoy working at Budget because there is chance to grow with the company. I also see potential in the industry and was not aware of how big the industry can be. I enjoy knowing customer got the pick the color they wanted at an affordable price.

Values that drive me:

The values that are important to me are open-mindedness, consistency, efficiency and reliability.

What I enjoy doing:

I enjoy going out for a run every day or working out. My goals is to run a marathon in the future.

I enjoy spending time with my family.

Greatest/Unusual skill:

My greatest skill will be teamwork. I’ve always enjoy the company of a good team. I believe in order to be successful you need to surround yourself with people.

Who want to be successful with you and believe in growth of the company. I believe this is an important part of having a successful business.

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