Budget Roofing Supply Warehouse Manager

Noe Teniente

General Manager

"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones." – John Lennon

About Me

Company Advantage Statement
Hi my name is Noe with Budget Roofing Supply. Many times homeowners do not know the differences between roof shingles and are overwhelmed with all the options available for their roofs. At Budget Roofing Supply we take our time in explaining differences between brands and shingle series. Furthermore we teach them on how the roofing accessories work, empowering the homeowner to make an informed decision.

Top three favorite books:
To Kill a Mockingbird; 1984; Moby Dick; The Prince; The Canterbury Tales

What is something to I would like to fix:
I would like the lack of accessibility between small businesses and manufacturers be fixed while reducing the need of brokers.

What do I do at BRS:
Lead a group of professionals into providing the best customer experience in our industry while empowering – not only the employees – but our customers with product knowledge, resources, and solutions.

Credentials/Past Exp:
10 years in the oilfield industry; 5 years in home construction; 5 years in the technology sector

What I like about working at BRS:
Meeting people from all walks of life and helping them make informed roofing material purchases

Computer Information Systems and Procurement, Materials and Logistics;

Values that drive me:
Growth – personal and shared; Fairness – to customers and colleagues; Kindness – to all who surround me; Openness and acceptance – to those who differ from my beliefs

What I enjoy doing:
Golf, Billiards, Karaoke

Greatest/Unusual skill:
I can play the guitar with it placed behind my head

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